The Design Process

Your Domain Name – Your domain name should represent your website intent as much as possible. This will also help with “branding” or name recognition. It should be brief and easy to remember. Example: or

Commercial websites should have a dot com address. It's not a bad idea to register multiple domain names with different registrations, such as .net, .org, .us, etc. Having multiple dot com registrations with alternate spellings forwarded to your main domain can help to improve results from typo queries. It also can target different content within your site. Additionally you can protect your business name by covering any similar names.

Visionality Webs can help you do a search and register your domain name(s).

Now that you have a domain name you will need domain/website hosting. This is where your domain name will point to when someone types in You are essentially renting space on the web. Visionality Webs offers affordable full service hosting. Click here to review plans. Our various plans keep the small business owner in mind.

If you will be selling a product or service, you will need a shopping cart & merchant account (customer checkout & to process payments). Visionality Webs can help you select a service that will be the most cost effective and suitable for your needs from a free PayPal account to a full service shopping cart with a merchant account.

The Design

This is the step that, at first, can seem overwhelming, but don't worry, Visionality Webs will help you every step of the way. You will be asked about logo, color, theme and specific preferences you may have. The main page will state the site's intent and purpose. A viewer should know within seconds what it is and how to find what they want. This page should load quickly and present a clear navigation for your site.

To help you with the nuts and bolts of design planning, I've a developed a website planning guide. You can download it here to begin the process.

Your input is crucial so that your site is truly yours. Be sure to let me know what you like and don't like about any draft pages. You will also need to outline the categories/departments & content that will be needed. This is what dictates the site navigation and layout.

You will need product/service/topic information. Have on hand information/text and images. Images will be optimized by the designer for best results. You will be sent specific information regarding how to email or send needed site content.

Your new website will be cross browser compatible (IE , Netscape, Safari & Firefox).

You will be kept up to date with your site's progress.

You are encouraged to view the development on a regular basis to make sure all is as expected. A temporary link will be set up for you to monitor progress on your site.

To make sure that your website moves along, a contract will be drafted and signed by you, the customer, and Visionality Webs. This will ensure that both of us are working to finish the website in a timely manner. Your website is truly an investment in your business and is visible to the world 24/7. In these tough economic times, getting a solid working website up on the web is a vital tool to any business. So...let's get started today!